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Information is the resolution of uncertainty.

“My loyalty is towards you, my client”, and I will employ my Trident of Education, Experience and Equipment to provide you with what I see and foresee for the property. I know you are investing in prosperity, not just property, and I can help provide the details you need for your decisions.

Home inspection strives to provide you with  a very clear picture of the building’s current state. Are you prepared for what will break down? Do you know how much budget you need as a reserve? Is this great deal really great? I concern myself with the physical building, and help you decide if it is worth it for you to get involved in. I was in renovation industry for 15 years, so I have seen things done right, done wrong  and everything in between. Feel free to call me if you have any questions.

If you are undecided about hiring a Home Inspector, please do check out “Why we Inspect” section above. Are you willing to accept the risk of missing those items?  How much will you have to pay to remedy what you missed? Is missing these issues acceptable to you?

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My loyalty is to you,  my client. I will do the best I can using a blend of personal experience and technology to get to the issues that can affect the performance of the house. I work independently and do not receive any commissions.

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Licensed by CPBC Member of HIABC

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Certified Level 1 Thermographer

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Reports in 12 hrs Guaranteed. 4 hr also available.

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Harveen Bajwa

Insured and Certified Home Inspector
License #80474

If you are undecided about hiring a Home Inspector, please do check out “Why we Inspect” section above. Are you willing to accept the risk of missing on some of the mentioned items?  How much will you pay to remedy what you missed? Is missing those acceptable to you?

Harveen Bajwa

Harveen Bajwa

Certified Home Inspector
License #80474

HIABC holds itself and it’s members to the highest standards, it actually sets the bar higher than the rest for home inspectors. They expect nothing but the best from their inspectors and I am proud to be among them. My services don’t end with the inspection, you are welcome to reach out to me if you ever have any questions regarding your property. I know I will be a small part of your investment detail, but I hope I manage to provide you with the most valuable and cost effective service.

Harveen Bajwa


Here’s what our happy Customers had to say about our services:

Simon and I would like to thank Harveen Bajwa for his practical and thorough information.

Sophia Jones

Harveen was very enthusiastic and was very helpful. He even made suggestions to prevent common issues that can pop up in the future.

Harold Green

I have had property inspections done by Harveen Bajwa. He is well-mannered professional.

Grant Harvey

I appreciated his time on the phone going through the main points and issues of concern.

Kate Lewis

We recently had our pre-purchase inspection carried out by the Inspect360 office. We are very happy with the detailed report and availability to discuss the findings in the report. The inspector was quite knowledgeable and explained things in layman language that we could understand. We would recommend his services or use him again if the need arose.

Kelly Johnson